Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2001 Yiwu Zhengshan

Zhongcha? CNNP...

I got this sample from Puerhshop. Not sure exactly who made it.

From the cup comes an aroma is of wet hay. In the taste is hay, hair, and dried orange peel (without the citrus). The tea leaves my tongue and roof of my mouth feeling grainy. The taste, aroma, and leaf all are typical of a younger pu-erh. I would guess a 2003 or 2004. Over the steeps, the tea turns to sweet and mellow with hay flavor very quickly. Longer infusions bring out the higher notes of hair, skin, hay, and an inkling of age. This tea is definitely in its awkward, adolescent phase. Taste and leaves depict a younger profile, while a hint of age can be found in the taste, and color of the brew.

The grainy feeling in the mouth turns to an intensifying dryness of mouth and throat, and a slight cooling effect. The tea mellows out rather quickly around the 5th steep.

I didn't enjoy this tea much. It was moderately pleasant before the intense drying took hold. It was fun trying to pick out hints of age, but this tea comes off as quite younger than a 2001. I prefer something older, or younger. I'm not too keen of the adolescent stage it's in, or the dryness of this pu-erh. My speculation is that these factors will probably be fixed after a few years of wetter-storage.

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