Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sea Dyke Brand Wu-i Yen Cha

Part III of this yancha run-though. Jim of puerhshop included this fairly tasty yancha with one of my orders. Too bad it isn't offered on his website...
Sea Dyke Brand Wu-I Yen Cha (alternative spelling of wuyi yancha).

Dry leaf carries an enticing aroma of sweet roasted chocolate.

I filled my gaiwan just under halfway with leaf. After a rinse, the first few steeps came out rather potent so less leaf might be a good idea. I rather enjoyed the strong flavor, and nothing unpleasant became pronounced.

A heavy roast aroma comes out in the cup, along with chocolate and bark. During the first few potent steeps, the roast was very prominent in the flavor, but accompanying it was strong cocoa and sweet bark as well. Around the third steep, the prominence of the roast dropped off and the tea blended all the flavors together very nicely. This lasted for a while, and for the 6th steep I sat it for 45s.

I found this yancha to be quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, my palate is not the slightest bit developed in this area. The tea has a heavy roast and cocoa flavor, which last for a good 8 steeps. I expect the price to be cheap, and if that is the case, I would be interested in buying more. However, I currently have three yanchas on the way from houde, and I presume that after expanding my palate with those, this Sea Dyke Brand Wu-I Yen Cha will be a tea for the shelves.

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