Monday, October 22, 2007

Adagio's Anteadote

I, like a few other tea-bloggers, recently received a complimentary box of Anteadote iced teas. Adagio carries these organic, unsweetened iced teas on their website. The 5 flavors they currently carry are: Black, Oolong, Green, White, and Jasmine.

They all have Vitamin C added as a preservative instead of the usual junk present in iced teas. The problem is that the vitamin C puts off a little bit of a taste into the tea.


Oolong: This one is the best. Made with Ti Kuan Yin, this tea is pleasantly sweet, carrying the floral notes of a green-oolong. The taste of the vitamin c is either not present, or blends in magnificently.

: Made with a nice Yunnan black tea, this anteadote carries the sweet flavors of a good black tea on a creamy-smooth finish. Vitamin C flavor doesn't interfere.

: I've only tried one jasmine tea before which was extremely over-flavored. This tea is much better, tasting mildly of fruity/floral jasmine.

: Made with White Peony, this tea tastes like white peony, but the "berriness" of the peony has turned a bit earthy. This tea also has a significant aftertaste of vitamin C.

Green: This was the only tea I was truly disappointed with. Through the whole bottle, there was nothing for me to taste but that funky off-flavor of vitamin C which is mildly present in the other teas. I do not recommend this one.

Out of this series, I would recommend the jasmine anteadote to those who enjoy the flavor of jasmine. The black I would recommend to all who think they may like a good-tasting, unsweetened, black iced tea(I'm not a black-tea person myself, but I rather enjoy this one). I recommend the oolong to everyone!
(I recommend passing on the green and the white.)

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Lewis said...

Most images of ready-to-drink teas are fairly uninteresting, but not that shot. Nicely done.

(And sorry to be commenting on a post from '07 :p )