Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tea Videos!

Good evening, everyone. I finally kicked on the spurs and made a tea video. This first one is of me gongfuing some shu pu-erh cha. I'm thinking of making a fukamushicha brewing video soon.


Here's my channel:


olivierco said...

Now Tea Videos!

scarrell said...

I hear the thump, thump in the background!

carlo said...

I think that the tea leaves should be put in the teapot before than the hot water...

Wes said...

Thanks for the comment, Carlo.

That's an alright method as long as the pot gets preheated first. If you don't preheat, then the cold pot will take down the temperature of the water 10°f or so. Which is one reason so many people have problems with picky teas. Of course, that method is perfectly alright if you're going to do a rinsing round, which will preheat the pot.

The best reason for putting the tea into a preheated pot was told to me by a sencha aficionado: "The smell makes my knees buckle."

carlo said...

Yes, you are right. My method is this:
when the water is boiling, I put the teapot upside down just above the warming water so that the steam warms up it. Then I put tea leaves into the teapot, and last (but not least;-) the hot water.