Friday, August 15, 2008

Huang Kuan Yin Red Blossom

The leaves are large, green, and smell delicious. Aroma of floral, and graham, not much roast.

The tea is golden amber in color, and floral and honey in aroma. The taste is smooth, creamy, floral and honey. The slightest taste of graham is left from the light roasting.

This tea is rather boring, which is what I find nearly all green oolong to be. The light roast adds a little to the character of the tea, but it wasn't enough. Either more oxidation or more roasting is needed.


Anonymous said...

The third paragraph seemed like an abrupt shift from the setup. It sounded like you were enjoying it for a second.

I've had the tea, and it's a fairly good Wuyi, but it isn't the most complex. Considering the price, I think it is a good deal for a tasty tea.

Wes Crosswhite said...

Read it again.

Anonymous said...

I read it again. And?

Wes Crosswhite said...

Come on...

The only positives that I give in the entire post are, "the dry leaves smell delicious," and "the light roast adds a little character to the tea."

In the second paragraph, I am describing flavors and aromas and sharing no opinions.

It must be that you enjoy the flavors I described, and expected me to like them as well. When you heard how I really felt about them, you got confused.

Could there be another answer?